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Rijeka Crnojevića

A small town on the river with the same name is one of the most beautiful towns in Montenegro.  Rijeka Crnojevića is easily accessible from the main road Podgorica–Cetinje.


 Its origin is tied with the ruler of Zeta, Ivan Crnojević (1465–1490) who, in order to avoid the Turkish army, raised on the hill of Obod a fortress and a monastery, whose church is dedicated to St. Nicholas. This is where he transferred his residence from the fortress of Žabljak, and the monastery became the seat of Zetska Bishopry. 

The place itself keeps remnants of historical buildings from the time of Ivan Crnojević such as cellar of a building destroyed long ago which is associated with the work of the so called Print House of Obod (Obodska štamparija), where the first Cyrillic book “Oktoih prvoglasnik” was printed in 1494. Apart from that, the first pharmacy in Montenegro was opened there as well as the first arms workshop. In the early 20th century the factory “Marica” produced nacre – pearl made of fish scales.

In the 19th and the 20th century Rijeka Crnojevića was the biggest Montenegrin port and a leading trade center. A particularly praised product of this area was smoked bleak because of its uniqueness and exquisite taste which was also highly demanded on the Italian market.


At the entrance to Rijeka Crnojevića there is a stone bridge called “Danilov most”. It was raised by Prince Danilo in 1853 in memory of his father Stanko Petrović. Next to the bridge on the left he built a one-storey building known as “Mostina“ which is preserved until the present day.

The oldest preserved building in Rijeka Crnojevića is the house of St Peter (Sveti Petar).

Fabulous visit to this place is complemented by a rich gastronomic offer of authentic fish specialties, thematic walks and kayak rides.

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