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Hévíz Bicycle Trail 4.

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Teljes táv: 11 km
Össz. emelkedő:  130 m
Össz. lejtő: -130 m
Magasság max.: 195 m
Magasság min.: 110 m

Hévíz Bicycle Center › Felsőpáhok › Kátyán Mountain › Alsópáhok › Hévíz Bicycle Center

Above all, Hévíz is world-famous for its generally known medicinal water. The lake is 4,44 hectare big, so it is the biggest warm water lake of Europe with a medicinal power. The Romans already knew about its healing effect. The 38,5 °C warm medicinal water comes to the surface from a source cave, and even in winter it is 20-22 °C warm so people can bathe there in winter, too. This tiny town is full of life in the whole year, visitors can find nice walking streets, coffee houses and boutiques here and you must see the 'line of kiosks' and make a gastronomical trip along them. The tiny settlements around the town are worth visiting, all these places are tiny little pearls with their own peculiar beauty.

This short tour lets you see the direct environment of the town. It immediately starts with quite a big uphill on the most frequented road of the town. You go next to the well-known Jézus Szíve (the Heart of Jesus) Roman Catholic Church which has special shapes. On the other side you can see the City Hall with a fountain on its square. The tour goes to Felsőpáhok which is in the neighbourhood. Its main sight is a Roman Catholic church that was built in 1872. Originally on its place there used to be a stone church that was built in 1369. 

After Felsőpáhok you arrive to the Kátyán mountain with its vineyards, wine-cellars and hilly scenery which is so usual in Zala county. You go to the direction of Alsópáhok which is right next to Felsőpáhok. The two settlements are almost grown together. Its sight is a Roman Catholic church which was built in 1777-78 in Baroque style. The tour takes you back to Hévíz where you can walk around in the city center again if you would like.