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Hévíz Bicycle Trail 2.

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Teljes táv: 34 km
Össz. emelkedő:  550 m
Össz. lejtő: -550 m
Magasság max.: 419 m
Magasság min.: 108 m

Hévíz Bicycle Center – The Suburb of Keszthely – Cserszegtomaj – Rezi – Rezi Fortress – Cserszegtomaj – Hévíz Bicycle Center

Starting from Hévíz, the tour route goes on the bicycle road to Keszthely. It goes through the famous shelter forest of Hévíz which is not only a peculiar sight but also a nature reserve. If you are open-eyed enough, you can see squirrels. You get to Cserszegtomaj through the suburb of Keszthely which is quite a big settlement compared to its number of inhabitants. Because of its spaciousness it is one of the most special areas of Europe. Its sights are the 3 km long, highly protected Kútbarlang (fountain cave) but you can find here an arboretum and a 31 m tall look-out, as well. From this you can see the panorama of Lake Balaton. 

After Cserszegtomaj you get to Rezi which can be found inside the mountain of Keszthely. There are forests all over the place and there are hillsides of grapes on the western side of it. Its main sight is the ruins of the fortress of Rezi which is on the 427 m tall Meleg mountain. The tour route comes up here on forest paths. From the castle there is a wonderful view to the forests of the area, to the ruins of the Tátika fortress, to the Buddhist sanctuary of Zalaszántó that is called Sztupa and to the Lake Balaton. This quiet, untouched, semi-natural place is a great opportunity for a nice picnic. On the way back, we get to Hévíz on a pleasant, gently sloping route.