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Hévíz Bicycle Trail 3.

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Teljes táv: 23 km
Össz. emelkedő:  280 m
Össz. lejtő: -280 m
Magasság max.: 265 m
Magasság min.: 115 m

Hévíz Bicycle Center – Nemesbük – Zalaköveskút – Karmacs – Hévíz Egregy – Hévíz Bicycle Center

Although this tour route is not too long, sporty tourists will like it, as well, thanks to its variety and undulating nature. Of course, no one has to be scared, anyone can do it, there is only one hill that most people usually do not like but the view is worth the trouble. 

From Hévíz you head towards Nemesbük. The settlement is on the hills between the river Zala and the Gyöngyös stream, 6 km far from Hévíz. Visitors come here with pleasure to see its picturesque location, clean, organised environment and calm atmosphere. It is worth looking back from the hilltop, the panorama speaks for itself. From here the tour goes to Zalaköveskút where you will find the Mother Teresa look-out on one of the highest points of the settlement. This is a unique view, a little village and its picturesque environment, that visitors can see from here. From the look-out, you can see all the settlements in the neighbourhood, Hévíz, Keszthely, Zalaszentgrót and you can even see the mountains of Sümeg and Kovácsi, the Tátika and Rezi in the distance if the weather is nice. Those who dare to go to the highest level of the look-out will definitely be enchanted by the wonderful environment, the clean air and the spectacular view. The look-out was made almost entirely of wood so it perfectly fits into the environment. It has the shape of high-stands, showing simplicity and being practical. 

After a rest, you can go on in the direction of Karmacs. This settlement has already existed in the 13th century. First it was mentioned in 1340. The church of Kiskarmacs was built in 1505 but it became depopulated by the end of the century because of the Turkish destruction just as some other settlements here. Nowadays the settlement tries to find an opportunity in tourism which could develop because of the silence of the area that you all can experience when you will be there. 

You get to Egregy which is a famous part of Hévíz from the direction of Karmacs. Its main sight is the St. Magdalen church (from the age of the Arpads, 897-1301) which is one of our most advanced and most beautiful Roman aged church in our country based on its rates and ground-plan. You will see the vineyards of Egregy and try the local wines.

The grape culture has a long tradition here, it was naturalized by the ancient Romans. Stop for a moment on the vineyards and feel the special atmosphere of Egregy and then ride back to Hévíz.