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Mária Valéria Bridge, Esztergom

The first bridge between Esztergom and Párkány was a 5-holed steel bridge planned by János Feketeházy, built in 1895 and named after Archduchess Marie Valerie. The 500 meters long bridge was blown up by the Germans in 1944.

The reconstruction of the bridge was only started 57 years later but in 11 October 2001 the new bridge was opened thus becoming the last bridge that had to be rebuilt due to being detonated in World War II. The reconstruction was done using a new method which meant that the parts of the bridge are not built on the spot rather they are assembled on the shore and then put into their places by machines.

Today, the Mária Valéria Bridge helps not only the development of Esztergom but of the whole region.