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Hadik Café

„Everybody was there who is important. Everybody was there who counts. In general, everybody was there" as grandson of writer Frigyes Karinthy, writer Márton Karinthy described Hadik Café. The legendary café of literary traditions in Bartók Béla Street reopened after a hiatus of 50 years, in 2010.

Hadik located at 36-38 Bartók Béla Street was built by the plans of Jenő Svarcz for Dr. Ignác Palócz. It was constructed by József Mann, who also had his own house in Bartók Béla Street. The final design of the facade differs from the plans since the original neobaroque features were replaced by secessionist ones. 30 flats were made and the attic was divided into workstations including the studio overlooking Gárdonyi Géza Square, which was rented by Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry.

Hadik Café opened downstairs in 1906, or as also believed in 1910. It was named after the nearby Hadik Military Base. Its popularity started to soar 10 years later when Adolf Kaiser and Sons took over. The first generation of the literary journal "Nyugat" (The West) such as Dezső Kosztolányi, Zsigmond Móricz, Árpád Tóth and Milán Füst were frequent guests of the café, which had become a meeting point for literary society. Several authors were not only guests of the café but greatly inspired by the unique atmosphere there. Hadik Café was a key motive in the works of Gábor Devecseri, his wife Mrs. Erzsébet Guthi Devecseri, Tibor Déry and Frigyes Karinthy. A complete novel of Andor Németh entitled ‘The story of a reserved loge’ commemorates Hadik.

The café was home not only to literary life but also a chess club presided by Frigyes Karinthy. Besides prominent characters of literature other artist, for example, painters and actors were also honorable guests of the café.

Hadik was closed during WWII and reopened only in the new millennium. Then the café was divided into two parts: Hadik Café and Szatyor (Bag) Bar and Art Gallery. The latter one was named after a nickname coined by Karinthy for the cellar of the café. Hadik is meant to restore the ambience of its predecessor as one of the most important center of literary life in the 19th century. At the same time, the programs and exhibitions of Szatyor Bar promote contemporary authors and artists. In September, 2016 Hadik was reformed again to attract younger generations with a modern interior and gastronomical range.

The café awaits guests with varied cultural events, such as literary evenings, contemporary art films, roundtables as well as slam poetry evenings. Entrance to programs is usually free of charge, however, due to limited availability of seats prior registration is required.


Reservation (only by phone): +36 1 279 0290
Phone: +36 1 279 0291
Opening hours
Monday-Sunday: 9:00-23:00

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