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Bikás Park

Bikás Park (Bulls’ Park) and Bikás-domb (Bulls’ Hill) are popular green areas of District 11. Besides a playground and various sports courts it is venue for cultural events as well. Slopes of the hill allow for sledding in winter.

Bull’s Hill wasa built in 1974 during the construction of the surrounding residential area. The sculpture group of Hungarian grey cows was placed there in 1980, that is how the name was given to the park and the hill. Originally, the sculpture group by István Kiss entitled Legend featured the cows with symbols of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars between their horns, however, they were vandalized more times and the folkloristic symbols disappeared. The memorial pole erected at the bottom of the hill in 2001 commemorates writer and politician György Lehrmann-Lovász.

When remodeled new recreational facilities were added, such as the running track closely matching that on Margaret Island in popularity, a mini-football pitch, a basketball court, a tennis court and two dog runs.

As a unique architectural attraction the underground station of line 4 bearing the same name greatly contributes to the popularity of the park.

An organic pond treated without mechanical solutions and chemicals was also constructed and water quality is maintained naturally.

The park is home to several events too, such as children’s programs, contests or charity programs.

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