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Kelenföld Station

The current terminus of line 4 in Buda is at Kelenföld Railway Station. It has key importance from more aspects. It is an underground station for thousands of commuters every day as well as line extension towards Gazdagrét will start here and it hosts the train garage also.

Kelenföld Railway Station Trains have been passing through Kelenföld Railway Station for over 130 years. Modernization WW2 had greatly accelerated after WW2. The main building gained a listed status in 2007.

It is of no accident that 27 escalators work here and elevators are also available.

So basically, everything is primarily about transportation in Kelenföld Station: changing from trains, cars and buses to underground in the smoothest possible way. Therefore, design plays a secondary role compared to other stations.

It is functionality and temporary status that determined planning. Neither artwork nor vivid colors appear underground and above surface level.

As renovation of Kelenföld Railway Station as well as further real estate developments are yet to take place experts expect a need for an even larger throughput and friendly environment.

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