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If you desire refreshment, if you want to get away from the crowded cities, if you need a real rural recreation – just enter on the gate of the Great Plain! Our amazing little world lies in the southern corner of Pest County, which can be found between two rivers, the Danube and the Tisza. 

In Cegléd you can find outstanding thermal conditions. The Thermal Spa offers you several opportunities for therapeutic treatments. The Aqua Centrum is next to the Spa with its special and thrilling slides. After the exhausting experiences, the Hotel Aquarell**** wellness hotel is waiting for the guests just like the Apartment park and Camping.

Cavalrymen, foot soldiers and artillerymen of the revolution in 1848 occupy Cegléd in the third week of September in every year. Hungarian soldier recruiters, folk dancing, and the twin- cities enrich these various programs.

The memories of Kossuth and his brilliant treasure house takes you back to historical times. The Kossuth Museum waits for the visitors in Cegléd, too.

The Drum Museum is the source of our pulsation. Legendary music instrument makers’ masterpieces show you the world of the drums and drummers. The owner of the museum organizes the International Drummer and Percussionist Gala every spring. You can find drum-kits of some famous drummers in the collection of the museum like Kovács Gyula, Bányai Lajos, Kőszegi Imre and Pásztory Zoltán, Kenny Clarke and Peter Erskine.

Öregszőlők, Zöldhalom, Aranyhegy are these places where the vineyards can be found. We have several famous kinds of grapes such as the white Rizling, Ezerjó, Cserszegi Fűszeres, and the red Kadarka. You can discover the life of the oenologists and the wines that make you forget your sorrow.

One of the famous symbols of Cegléd is the Reformed Great Church that is the second biggest classicist reformed church in Central-Europe. The building of the church is the face of the city which can be found in the heart of Cegléd.It carries a message for everybody under its tympanum: “Come to me, all of you” 

In the heart of Hungary, within an hour’s drives from Budapest, our city welcomes you!