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Mórahalom is a dynamically developing town located 20 km far from Szeged, only 12 km from the western exit of the M5 motorway, along the main road 55.


Who visits Mórahalom can admire several interesting sights, not only in the local region but in the neighbouring regions as well. The “Aranyszöm” Programme Centre is situated in the heart of Mórahalom, including a theatre hall with seats for 300 visitors, a ceremonial hall for 80 visitors and ball room for 150 visitors. Next to the summer entrance of the Saint Elizabeth Spa, the recently opened Doll Collection can be found. On the Road of Zákányszék, the guests have the opportunity to visit the Strudel House including a workshop for strudel-making, as well as an open air exhibition and visitor area behind the building complex, where the guests can enjoy the evening with musical performances in the summer. In the outskirts of Mórahalom, the recently renewed Wine House is situated where visitors can take part in wine-tastings, have a look at exhibition halls and galleries and enjoy their time in the covered terrace and the play ground.

There are numerous possibilities for nature lovers. Some kilometres away from Mórahalom visitors can admire the Lake Nagyszéksós, where they can have a look at the bull herd, or even they can have a boat ride, and those ones who would prefer hiking can visit the Green Community House and Forest School, where they can choose from many routes and possibilities. Visitors can also have a look at the Bird Garden in Zákányszék located 8 km far from Mórahalom, where hundreds of specimens of approximately 80 species can be seen in a lovely park. The lovers of equestrian sports can visit the “Futó-Dobó” Horse Centre, where they have the opportunity to try pony riding and lunge line riding, class riding and cross-country riding at beginner and advanced level.

Those who prefer museums can visit the Sand Ridge Memorial House next to the Strudel House, where the guests can admire the memorial room displaying the works of Klebersberg Kunó and the collection of objects collected by the inhabitants of Mórahalom. It is worth visiting the Old House Farm Museum or the Paprika Park in Röszke, where the origins of spice pepper, its traditional and modern uses and values are shown.


(source: Tourinform)


The name of the town originates from the sand dune of “Móra Halma”, which was first mentioned in 1729. The exact area of Móra is unknown, however, it is known that its eponym was the family Móra who come from Szeged-Lower Town.

Since the founding of the town, it has developed incredibly due to the hard work and strong will of its inhabitants. The local farmers of the Sand Ridge taming the “golden eyed” sand enriched their settlement, which gained town rank in 1989.

The first industrial park of the Southern Great Plain was established here, the first qualified producing and selling union was organised here, more and more industrial workplaces are being created through small- and medium enterprise development programmes, the service sector is developing at a small regional level, and based on medical tourism a spa town has been established on the Sand Ridge region within an arm’s length from Szeged.