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Hajdúböszörmény is the “capital of Hayducks”, the second largest town of Hajdú-Bihar county.


It was first mentioned in written records as early as 1248 under the name Nagyböszörmény. Bocskai’s privileged Hayduck soldiers settled here in 1609 and it was the center of the Hayduck area. The town saw a vivid social life at the turn of the century.

The centre of this historic town was renewed in 2013, so a new, modern townscape greets the visitors.


The most valued national monument of the town is its ring-road structure, which truly reflects the traces of development throughout the centuries.

The Town Hall’s late eclectic style building follows the traditions of the old county halls if it comes to forms and shapes.

The different pools of the Bocskai Spa with many entertaining facilities guarantee pure relaxation for every age group. The indoor thermal pools (1000m2) are provided with sauna and steam chamber.

The old school, predecessor of the Bocskai István Secondary Grammar School was founded in 1621 as a branch of the Reformed Secondary Grammar School.

Many statues celebrate the history of the city. The Statue of Bocskai was made in 1907 by Barnabás Holló and is today the symbol of the city. The Dancing Heyducks, this seven-piece statue symbolises the seven Hajdú towns. In front of the church can be found the masterpiece of László Kosina, a group of statues called „Our ancestors” which was inaugurated in 2009, on the occasion of the fourth centenary of the settling of the Hayducks in Böszörmény.

On the southern side of Bocskai square is the headquarters of the one-time Hayduck District.This is the oldest public building of the country. Museum of the Hajdú Country is located here whose permanent exhibition is called "History and ethnography of the Hajdúság region”.

The houses of the Living Museum of Hajdúböszörmény were built between the end of the 18th and the middle of the 19th centuries and they represent faithfully the connection of the older lifestyle and the country’s architecture.

Art lovers will welcome the opening of a new art gallery celebrating the work of Zoltán Maghy, the famous painter from our town.

Local farmers and merchants sell their products on a circa 1200 square meters area, in the new market hall, opened in 2013

In Böszörmény the Kajánsziki fish pond is the best-known place for angling, with a fish population mainly consisting of native Hungarian types of fish, such as carp, perch, grass carp and silver carp.