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The city is located between Keszthely and Nagykanizsa, in the southwest corner of Zala county.


The water, coming from more than 2000 meters deep with a temperature of 96 °C (205 °F)   is rich in minerals and it is best used for the treatment of gynecologic and musculoskeletal problems. The winter bath with many pools, adventure bath, sauna, and the beach bath with children’s pool, swimming pool serve as options for relaxation on the colder days as well. 


It was first mentioned as Korus in 1254; Béla VI brought settlers here but during the Ottoman Invasion it became desolated.

In the 18th century, it is mentioned as market town and only in the 19th century, with the draining of the swamps, could it begin to develop. After the II. World War, the population began to move to the surrounding cities.

In 1962, during an oil drill, thermal water has been found, and in 1965 the thermal bath was opened which elevated the city to international fame.

In 1997, Zalakaros received city status.