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Island Bath, Keszthely

The bathing house and csárda (inn) was built in 1846, the first of such buildings that was built in water. In the 1960's original building was demolished and a new, metal and concrete bath was built. In the second half of the 2000's the reconstruction of the original, 19th century outlook of the bath began. Today the exterior of the building looks authentic while the interior has all the features of a modern bath. There is even a Balaton-shaped. heated pool inside the building.

Around the bath there is a line of kiosks where visitors can taste the local fish, lángos or grilles sausages, and buy some souvenirs.

As of 2015, the renovation is still under progress. Among the planned features there is a bridge leading to the island, a floating stage, and the rebuilding of the so called angel well which was a symbol of the shore in the beginning of the 20th century.