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Old Seminary, Esztergom

The largest public building of the city was completed in 1865 and the priest's seminary, founded in 1566, was relocated here. From World War II, the building was used for military purposes until the change of the regime. Since then it has been used again by the church. Besides the school, different research groups are based here, and also this is the location for the memorial place of Cardinal Mindszenty.

The building itself is 80 meters long and has a floor space of 12 000 square meters. An interesting aspect of the building is that there is a 10 meters difference in height between the northern and southern facades, and also, the northern was built in Classicist style while the southern has Romantic elements. The building can be reached from the Castle Hill through the Bride of Sighs which - similarly to the bridge in Venice - was named after the sighs of the student of the seminary who entered the strict institution with a deep sigh.