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Museums in Keszthely

Balaton Museum The temporary and permanent exhibitions in the museum are about the history, flora and fauna, sailing history and castles of Balaton. The building itself was built in the 1920's in a Neo-Baroque and the museum received awards for its quality.

Festetics Palace (Helikon Museum) The palace, built in the 18th century, holds many exhibitions through which we can get a glimpse of the noblemen's life in the 18th-19th centuries. The Helikon library is the only intact aristocratic collection in Hungary.

Historic Wax Museum The exhibition, located in an underground cellar system below the pedestrian street, contains the wax figures of 50 monarchs, generals, artists of Hungarian history.

Museum of Torture The museum is located in a 200 years old mill and shows the methods and tools of torture from the Middle Ages to the modern era, illustrated by images and wax puppets.

Doll Museum In the largest doll museum of Central Europe, there are over 500 dolls dressed in the traditional folk costumes of different ethnic groups of Hungary. The visitors can also see scale models of authentic folk architecture.

Nostalgia and Kitsch Museum In the museum we can see a range of interesting artifacts from the past, most of which emanate a feeling of nostalgia. One of the rooms in the museum contains a kitsch exhibition, and there is also a memorial room for a local doctor.

Toy Museum If we have kind memories of the teddy bears, toy building blocks, dolls or matchboxes of our childhood, visiting the Toy Museum is a must for those wanting to take a trip down on memory lane.

Marzipan Museum and Patisserie The museum exhibits a 100 artworks of cartoon figures, folk traditions, buildings, dinosaurs - all made of marzipan. One of the sweetest sights is the marzipan maquette of the Festetics Palace.

House of Stoves Located near the Festetics Palace, the exhibition in the House of Stoves is made up of 3 parts. In the first we can see the maquettes of more than 70 stoves and furnaces made by potter Imre Szalay. The second part holds objects made of ceramics and in the end we can see the workshop of the potter.

Erotic Panopticum The museum exhibits silicon figures depicting scenes from Renaissance and Enlightenment erotic novels, and also some piquant postures from the Kama Sutra. The figures are not only made to look like historic people but we can also see some well known faces from contemporary sex scandals.

Snail Shells Parliament The unique maquette of the Parliament was made by Ilona Miskei from 4,5 million snail fossils. It is a 1:33 scale model of the original building.

Butterfly and Exotic Reptile Exhibition The exhibition is located next to the entrance of the Festetics Palace and visitors can see the mounted specimens of exotic butterflies and insects of five continents, and also live snakes, varanuses and turtles.

Radio and TV Museum The exhibition has more than 600 radios, TVs, record players, stereos, the oldest devices being from the 1920's. The museum is housed in a 200 years old, Baroque granary building.

Other sights: Georgikon Farm Museum, Cadillac Museum, Surber's museum of automatic musical instruments and phonographs, Bacchus Wine Museum, Trophy and Historical Model Railway Exhibition, Júlia Szendrey Memorial Room.