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CH building of Technical University

The year of 1782 is a little deceiving on the facade of the university building closest to St Gellért Square. What it shows is not the year of construction but that of launching engineer training at the university and actually, the foundation of Technical University by Joseph II. No wonder, as the first building of the campus it bears the historical date since its construction in 1904. The Neo-Renaissance building, aka CH Building is home to chemical engineering faculty.

The designer of the building (as well as that of Széchenyi Bath and Gozsdu Yard), Győző Czigler made a great contribution to the project of establishing the new university campus. Besides working as an architect he was the professor of the university all his life. It was him who prepared the whole concept of the campus.

The formerly suburban area started to transform into a busy district as CH building was finished and education began. When Győző Czigler died in 1905 Alajos Hauszmann and Samu Petz were assigned to continue his work, although one more building was constructed by the plans of late Czigler in 1906 (Physics Building, Budafoki Street).

In the extensive and varied campus CH Building is still regarded as a “flagship” with the date and the coat of arms of Hungary. The three-storey palace-like building contains several lecture rooms and chemistry labs providing education for future chemical engineers and bio-engineers.

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