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Gregersen Row House

By the early 20th century the Norwegian Gregersens’ name had become familiar for many in Budapest. Gregersen Guilbrand, who arrived to Hungary by accident in the mid-1840s, volunteered as a combat engineer in the Revolution of 1848.

Later from the 1850s he could fulfill his talent in bridge and railway constructions. Also carpentry work for several buildings, such as the Parliament and the Museum of Fine Arts, was carried out by his company. No wonder more of his descendants chose to work in construction industry including his grandchild Hugo.

Architect Hugo Gregersen designed several tenancy buildings in the capital, of which the best-known is in Móricz Zsigmond Square. The row house built in the 1930s is a set of buildings with a single facade. The Modernist building arches along the edge of the square. Ground level premises have been home to various shops since the beginnings.

In 1934 the most modern movie theatre of Budapest called Simplon (later Bartók) Cinema opened in the building.

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