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Etele Square

Etele Square has become one of the most important conjunctions of Budapest by today. It is accessible by underground, buses and trams from downtown as well as trains and buses from satellite towns.

Etele Square neighbors Kelenföld Railway Station, the fourth busiest stations of Budapest. The main building built in 1876 faces the square and gained a listed status in 2007.

Kelenföld railway station
Kelenföld railway station Photo: funiQ

The old underpass that connects the square with Őrmező and the new one opened in 2014 together with the underground station are also accessible from Etele Square.

Etele Square serves as the terminus for trams 19 and 49, buses 58 and 103 as well as night buses 907 and 918. Rail replacement buses also start from here.

The coach station for services to south-west of Pest County in Kosztolányi Dezső Square moved to Etele Square in 1999. It was modernized in 2014 when the underground station opened.

In 2015 a park and ride for around 250 cars opened. Together with two other parking lots there are more than 900 parking places available right next to the square.

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