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Tamás Cseh statue

The statue of composer and singer Tamás Cseh, who deceased in 2009, was unveiled in September 2013. The bronze sculpture located in St Gellért Square, in front of Budapest Technical University, CH Building was made by István Majoros.

Tamás Cseh was very much impressed by Native American culture. At the beginning of the ’60s, he and some friends declared a valley near Bakonybél in Bakony Mountains to be an „Indian territory”, where they set up an Indian village once a year. His Indian name was „Smoke in his eyes”.

The first winner of the tender was a sculpture of Tamás Cseh as an Indian wearing breechclout to commemorate his admiration of Native American culture. This plan provoked a scandal and as requested by the family and friends the sculpture was changed.

Today it is a slim, sad-faced young man who is watching the Danube all day with a hand on his heart and a guitar in the other. His “Indian soul” is represented in his “shadow” carved on the pavement.

Stone placed next to the sculpture says:

Tamás Cseh
"In this song there is nothing more,
Nothing else just a street,
That used to be my home,
Or just a morning more..."
Géza Bereményi

Tamás Cseh and his family lived on the first floor in 25 Bartók Béla Street for nearly 50 years. Today, the ground floor of the building is host to Faur Zsófi Gallery.

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